Your “perfect” diet may be lacking seafood, here’s why.

The dietary guidelines recommend that adults should consume about 220 grams of seafood per week because of its proven health benefits. We will be discussing what exactly makes seafood the healthier option and why you would want to consider introducing seafood into your daily diet.

It is no secret that seafood contains tons of healthy minerals and vitamins which promotes a healthier immune system, body and lifestyle. Seafood contains Vitamins A, B and D, seafood is also very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which is an essential body and brain food.

Amongst the many benefits of Omega 3 rich foods, seafood also contains Calcium and Phosphorus, which accelerates the growth and repair of bones and teeth, helps nerves functions and aids in muscles contraction.

The benefits of seafood would be rather surprising to someone that hasn’t done the research. Let’s break down exactly how the minerals, vitamins and acids contained in seafood benefit the human body and brain. With more understanding, seafood will become the obvious choice for a healthier and sustainable life for your body and mind.


Eating fish for healthier skin

Fish is rich in vitamins and acids essential for maintaining healthy skin. Our body requires Vitamin C, E, A, Omega-3 and Zinc to preserve our skin cells. Fish contains natural essential oil that is very beneficial for skin care. Fish oil is rich in Omega 3, which helps keep our skin moisturised and looking youthful.

Often, we head down to the local pharmacy to pick up moisturisers and moisturising oil, but we overlook the fact that we can get the same effectiveness from eating fish (due to its rich Omega-3 content). Omega 3 is also effective at reducing and preventing the development of wrinkles.


Various health benefits from eating seafood

Seafood is low in fat – Seafood is great for carb-conscious eaters, with less than 2% fat, seafood is generally low in kilojoules.

Seafood also contains a high content of important nutrients, including high-quality protein, iodine and various vitamins and minerals which can reduce the risk of disease, inflammation, heart attacks and strokes.

High Vitamin A content – Vitamin A helps protect eyesight and improves immunity to diseases.  Regular consumption of seafood helps maintain bright and healthy eyes. According to studies, it is proven that consuming seafood regularly helps prevent suffering from age-related degenerative changes which cause loss of vision.

Seafood for infants? Seafood benefits us all and can also be very effective during the growth stage for infants. Because of the high Omega 3 content, regular consumption of seafood can contribute towards the suitable development of the brain in infants.

Seafood for children? Again, it should not be a surprise that seafood offers health benefits for everyone. For children with Asthma, seafood can help reduce and release the nasty symptoms caused by asthma.

In a nutshell, Seafood is a natural curing and immune booster for tons of reasons we have covered in this article. Seafood combats many natural diseases we face throughout life. Now that you are aware of the amazing benefits seafood has to offer, hopefully you will take it a step further by incorporating it into your daily diet to promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.