The Global Plastic Crisis

Recently there has been an ever-increasing focus on the plastic waste disposed of by humans and its impact on our oceans and earth. Plastic packaging, straws, bottles amongst others is a big source of landfill waste and is often eaten by marine and land animals, with fatal results. Plastic is not biodegradable, and as such create a nightmare situation. Europe and UK are leading the effort in research and taking the first steps to outlaw single-use plastics.

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The Research

There are several research teams around the world trying to find a solution to the planets plastic waste problem, but a group of scientists might have found an answer.

The latest copy of National Geographic further highlights the dire problems our planets oceans, landscapes and animal species suffer because of human’s relentless use of plastic. In this article, it summarizes the problem as covered in National Geographic.

Further exploration of their website depicts the extent of damage a single item of plastic can cause.