Tariffs On Sugary Drinks

Tariff Increase for sugary drinks

As per our blog on 8 May 2017 http://humboldt.global/the-rising-awareness-of-health-foods/

The rising global awareness and ever-increasing consumer awareness on the overall health aspects of food, has led to a welcome change in regulatory requirements on sugar in South African drinks.

With the introduction and acceptance of the “sugary drinks tax” we will see an increase in the percentage of tax levied on drinks which contains high levels of sugar. According to article

http://www.health24.com/Diet-and-nutrition/Beverages/parliament-finally-passes-sugary-drinks-tax-20171205 “South Africans are among the top 10 consumers of sugary drinks in the world, and research has shown that drinking just one sugary fizzy drink a day increases ones’ chance of being overweight by 27% of adults and 55% for children. Diabetes alone claimed more than 25 000 lives in 2015, and public health facilities reported seeing 10 000 new diabetes cases every month last year.”

“Over 30 countries worldwide are taxing sugary drinks, and South Africa joins Portugal, India, Saudi Arabia and Thailand who have passed similar taxes this year.”

So, expect to pay more for that ice cold can of Coke from April 2018 onwards!


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