Top 5 Strange Fruit From Around The World

The world of fruit is not as glamorous as we would like to believe. There are fruits which we have accepted into our everyday lives and there are some that, well; we are still in two minds about.

Here are the top 5 weirdest and interesting fruits (looking, tasting and smelling) we have come across from around the world:

Star Fruit

Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking – a fruit in the shape of a star. A fruit native to India and Sri Lanka, the star fruit is taste combination of a juicy pear and a sweet melon except, a lot sweeter.




You may be led into thinking that there is a litchi hidden within this fruit but trust us, it is not. The centre of the mangosteen fruit is creamy with a pulpy coating.

It is believed to have many health benefits in fighting diseases. A must have if you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes.


Well, this is an extremely daring fruit to eat and here is why. The edible bit is found in the centre of this delicacy. The national fruit of Jamaica has a toxic outer-layer which is known to causes severe illness but rarely fatal.

You need to cut open the outer casing, remove the black tops and enjoy the deliciousness that is the yellow arils.


Now you may think to yourself “that’s a nice looking tomato”. Stop right there. This South American fruit may trick you in any way including the taste. It is believed to have spoiled many dishes by its users thinking it was a tomato instead the flavour is parallel to that of a passion fruit.

Custard Apple

What a combination. This might scare you away at first glance because of its rough and rugged exterior but like most things scary on the outside, there is a soft, custard-like inside.

Hence the name, this fruit is the family of the common apple but the taste of a creamy custard on the inside.

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