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Humboldt is a food import company in South Africa with a wide variety of speciality food items. Whether you are looking for escargots, coconut milk/cream, or even quail eggs, we are here to help. Since 1982, we’ve been pioneering international relations to bring only the highest quality produce into South Africa. We source produce from around the world to bring speciality foods to your doorstep.



Various canned chicken options are available together with value added frozen chicken products that are ready to heat and serve for example strips, diced/whole breast, wings or teriyaki drumsticks.. They are a quick and easy snack solution, high in protein.

Citrus oil

Physically, citrus oil is a cleanser and helps with detoxification. Commonly found in skin and beauty products.

Coconut Milk and Cream

Canned coconut milk and coconut cream are made by grating the coconut flesh and soaking it in hot water.

Coconut Water

With its natural health benefits, coconut water is a popular nutritious and tasty alternative to water around the globe with over 700 million litres sold globally in 2016.


When sealed in an airtight container, honey is one of the only foods that is known to have an eternal shelf life.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a staple in food cupboards around the world. It takes about 540 peanuts to make 340 grams of peanut butter.

Pet Food

With an extensive range of nutritious products to feed your animal companion, Humboldt can offer the best in wet cat and dog food.

Shrimp chips & snacks

Shrimp chips are a delicacy which originated from Indonesia. These deep-fried crackers are made with starch and prawns and are normally served as an appetiser or side dish.


An escargot (snail) is a cooked land-snail, commonly mistaken to be a seafood. They are a delicacy enjoyed around the world.

Tempura Shrimp

Normally, shrimps are dipped in the batter and then quickly fried. Commonly enjoyed as starter dipped in your preferred sauces.

Escargots can be hard to come by and commonly mistaken for seafood. This delicious dish originates from France, Spain and Portugal and has been consumed since prehistoric times. The Romans considered escargots a delicacy due to their high protein and low fat content.

Coconut milk and cream is widely used in south east Asian cooking. Rumour has it that over 150 people die a year being hit by coconuts!? Coconut milk is a great alternative for those who can’t drink lactose.

Did you know that bees are the only insect in the world that can produce food that humans can eat? Honey is a Hebrew word meaning enchant. Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water.