Global Sourcing

With our 40+ years’ experience and contacts across the world, we are able to offer you reliable, consistent, price-competitive global food product sourcing solutions.

With the utmost dedication to quality, we can offer you products that are competitive in your market and that comply with the highest health and safety standards, produced to your required specification under your own national brand label, or retailer’s private label.

New Product Development

Due to our widespread geographical locations, we are able to constantly analyze the global food landscape, quickly identify food trends and develop products targeting and fulfilling theseever-present new opportunities. We spend substantial time and financial resources to take your product from concept, through research and R&D testing, QC processes, and onto label development, pre-importation inspections, regulatory compliance, end-to-end logistics and eventual support once arrived on shelf, in the form of consumer marketing partnerships with key product activators in the particular product category.

Quality Assurance

We work closely with local authorities on regulatory requirements, ensuring thorough understanding of the potential hurdles a particular (new) product may face upon importation/exportation. Armed with this knowledge and our long experience in the FMCG industry, we work hand-in-hand with our partner factories to address the challenges and succeed with world-class products manufactured to the highest food-safety and environmental standards. All facilities are accredited by globally recognized Health & Safety protocols such as GMP, HACCP, EFSIS, BRC, IFS and ISO. Where it is relevant, the similar type of accreditation partners are used in the environmental sustainability space, such as ISSF, MSC, KRAV and ECOCERT, amongst others. All products carry full traceability across the supply chain, and are regularly inspected to ensure strict conformance to our buyer’s specifications.

Effective Financing Solutions

Every country has a distinct socio-economic fabric, into which are knitted the predominant commercial terms and conditions of trade. We are acutely aware of these, and are able to offer a comprehensive range of terms to suit your specific requirements and drive competitive advantage.

Logistical Solutions

Coupled closely with the financing solution is the logistical part of a product’s journey to shelf. We are able to guarantee full shipments, on-time deliveries, flawless documentation and competitive point-to-point logistical solutions that contribute to the confidence you enjoy when being our select customer.

Supply Chain Management

There are often advantages in having various alternative supply sources as well as routes into markets. We endeavour to implement the best full supply chain management solution for your products, from concept through to production, shipment, importation into target country/region, regulatory approvals, warehousing, distribution and finally on-shelf merchandising, replenishment, sales analysis and product life-cycle management.

Sales Monitoring

Every product needs maximum attention, in order to draw the maximum benefits for the retailer, as well as the consumer. In close partnership with yourselves, we keep abreast with the product performance in your market(s), offering Sales Management techniques and best-practices to ensure that the products are correctly ranged and stocked, the on-hand quantities tie up with Rates of Sale and order production lead times, to ensure adequate just-in-time replenishment, in our efforts to optimize your stock-carrying capacity and costs.

Channel Support

Since we are an integral part of your supply chain, we also handle any consumer queries related to the product quality, which is always done in conjunction with your customer care department.