Is Kombucha Actually Healthy?

Kombucha, which is pronounced kom-BOOCH-a, has been around for centuries. The tea-based drink has its origins in China and has recently become a global favourite amongst the health conscious community.

What is Kombucha good for?

Kombucha is made from steeped tea and sugar, mixed with yeast and bacteria. This is fermented, which creates a probiotic filled drink. Foods which are high in probiotics usually assist with a healthy gut, helping with digestion and bloating.

Other evidence points to Kombucha being good for individuals with high blood pressure, hypertension, and arthritis. Antioxidants are also an immune system support, which could serve as a preventative measure against colds and flu. All of this, however, is not backed by sufficient research.

Further research will have to be conducted in order to determine the benefits of Kombucha as part of a diet. Overall, Kombucha seems to be a healthy choice of drink.

The Concerns around Kombucha

There are a few concerns surrounding this tea based drink. The first of which is the process in which it is made. Kombucha is made by process of fermentation. If this is done in an unhygienic environment or in an incorrect manner, this could lead to poisoning.

The process of fermentation causes Kombucha to contain a small percentage of alcohol. It is not recommended for recovering alcoholics, nor should it be consumed on an empty stomach. It is also recommended that individuals limit their kombucha intake to around 300 ml per day to avoid any adverse effects.

Kombucha is not recommended for women who are pregnant or lactating.

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