Food Trends in 2018

Global food trends are generally quite slow moving, for example, the adoption of organic and plant-based diets has slowly gained momentum amongst consumers over the past few years. Our local food trends, however, are a little more fast-paced. Here is a look at what has been and what will be popular in 2018:

1. Eastern Influence

South African food trends have for a long time taken some influence from the east. This year we have seen Ramen gaining popularity. Broth-based Asian dining is becoming a favourite for some, and why not!? Ramen is downright delicious.

2. Poke Bowls

Bowls have been on the radar as a food trend for some time, especially after their success in America. Poke Bowls had definitely caused quite a stir in South Africa, with the first poke bar opening up in February this year.

The Hawaiian staple involving crosswire cut vegetable pieces and sushi rice has been reimagined into a modern day food superstar with quinoa and salmon proving to be popular choices of ingredients.

3. Less Booze

South Africa has experienced a decrease in per-capita alcohol consumption over the past few months. This may be due to the millennials change in lifestyle, however, pressure may soon be felt from the cannabis market.

4. Mobile Munchies

Technology is stepping up its game every day and with smartphone penetration up there with the highest in the world, South Africans are taking advantage. Apps such as Order in and Uber Eats have become very popular. South African consumers are also finding it far more convenient to shop online. There is still a while before technology becomes our primary source of food purchasing, but this is definitely a field well be keeping a keen eye on.

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