The Fast Food Industry in South Africa

It’s no secret that South Africans love their Fast Food. The industry is worth a whopping R587 billion, which makes up roughly 13.3% of the South African GDP. Despite the economic situation in South Africa at the moment, Fast Food and restaurant outlets are expanding.

South Africans have picked up on global health trends, which can be seen by the rise in health-centric food franchises.

A Holistic Approach to fast food

Consumers are wanting more convincing offerings when it comes to Fast Food. With the rise in food delivery services such as Order In and Uber Eats, consumers are becoming more and more inclined to ordering through apps.

Faster is better, it’s not only delivery apps which are changing the game. Quick service and even faster-prepared foods are a major win for brands when it comes to satisfying consumers.

Who is Growing?

Chicken is still the most popular fast food in South Africa. Figures show that Fast Food and coffee outlets are on the rise.

There has been a rise in the healthy food sector following suit of the global health megatrend, with brands like Kauai and Osumo taking a large percentage of that market. Other Fast-Food brands have tried to jump on the bandwagon by providing seemingly healthier options in an effort to maintain their customers. These are generally organic, preservative free and or sustainably farmed products.

South African consumers, in general, are still chasing the most bang for their buck. Cheaper fast food, as well as two-for-one specials, are still very popular.

Fast Food is growing from strength to strength in the South African market. Trends have shown that major South African fast food retailers are able to cope well with trends and continue to innovate and satisfy consumers.

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