The South African Government has under the Department of Science and Technology commissioned a Nano-Satellite under its Operation Phakisa Blue Economy programme due to be launched into space from India in July 2018. See our blog post, “The Oceans Economy” for more details on Operation Phakisa. The News24 article, SA readies latest ocean-watching satellite for launch, goes […]

In South Africa, there is a huge ‘order-in’ or ‘eating-out’ culture. This is great for aspiring restauranteurs and small businesses! However, when it comes to fast food and being healthy; sometimes the two seem to butt heads. Eating Healthy The first part of eating healthily is making changes habitual. One can easily have a healthy […]

Some promising news out of Mzansi – as per article on Huffington Post Sustainable Farming and Innovation “Johannesburg’s 1921 Chamber of Mines building has become more then just an iconic architectural monument – it’s roof is now the first agricultural playground for a pilot project to access the feasibility of growing herbs and vegetables […]

Tariff Increase for sugary drinks As per our blog on 8 May 2017 The rising global awareness and ever-increasing consumer awareness on the overall health aspects of food, has led to a welcome change in regulatory requirements on sugar in South African drinks. With the introduction and acceptance of the “sugary drinks tax” we […]