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Sustainability of the ocean is important to us especially if we can help it. The oceans economy is pivotal to growth in all sectors and is something we should be educated on regarding the facts around ensuring long-term sustainability. However, the reality is that natural capital is either threatened or declining. This is worrying because […]

Fishing isn’t always friendly, illegal fishing has unveiled the dark side of the pleasant pastime. Globally this is a continuous problem contributing to the decline in natural fish populations. In our previous blog post about sustainable fishing we touched on the concept of limiting the amount of fish caught, to prevent the erosion of fish […]

Sustainable fishing is the concept of only catching a certain amount of fish that helps prevent the erosion of such populations and provides an environment where fish can reproduce to maintain their populations. Rising demand in seafood and advancements in technology have led to a rise in fishing practices rapidly depleting fish and shellfish populations. […]