Tariff Increase for sugary drinks As per our blog on 8 May 2017 http://humboldt.global/the-rising-awareness-of-health-foods/ The rising global awareness and ever-increasing consumer awareness on the overall health aspects of food, has led to a welcome change in regulatory requirements on sugar in South African drinks. With the introduction and acceptance of the “sugary drinks tax” we […]

Climate Change and Its Effect On Our Oceans According to WWF article, marine problems from climate change: “The marine environment is already registering the impacts of climate change. The current increase in global temperature of 0.7°C since pre-industrial times is disrupting life in the oceans, from the tropics to the poles” (http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/blue_planet/problems/climate_change/). Marine species affected […]

The ultimate goal of sustainable agriculture is to meet society’s food and textile needs without compromising future generations ability to meet their societal needs. Numerous countries, companies and individuals are looking at innovative ways of how they are going to ensure that there are sustainable ways to farm in agriculture. Pioneering Agriculture The Netherlands have […]

The effects of years of uncontrolled and unmonitored over-fishing have been taking its effects in recent years. With large corporations entering into domestic oceans and extracting large amounts of our ocean resources, we are left with a severely depleted source of seafood. An infographic illustrating but only a few facts about the fishing industry and […]