About Us

Humboldt is an international food broker bringing you an extensive variety of the freshest and finest foods from reputable and sustainable suppliers around the world in countries such as South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. We specialise production and export of food products in bulk, packed under customer’s private label as well as in import and export of South African, Asian and Mediterranean foods.

We always offer the best import and export prices that we possibly can to suit our customers every need. We believe in flexible conditions of co-operation with guaranteed volume and clear date of delivery. Our wide range of products and types of packaging are guaranteed to match every customer’s specifications.

As a responsible and sustainable international food importer, we offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food production and safety. All our goods are regularly inspected to ensure strict conformance to our buyer’s specifications prior to shipment. We have also taken meticulous care and made sure that we partner only with fast and reliable food manufacturers across the globe. These companies have efficient quality control departments utilising the latest modern day technology available in the food industry, and who have been certified for GMP, HACCP, EFSIS, BRC and ISO standards.

We pride ourselves on internal and external quality management that continuously meet international standards making substantial investments in raw materials, technologies and equipment for supplying our clients worldwide with high-quality competitive products and food.

Humboldt are speciality importers of food from South Africa and offer optimal logistics solutions. Owing to our wide experience, we can make a considerable contribution to your business and brand/trade development.